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Microsoft fixes bug offering Windows 11 upgrades to unsupported PCs

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Windows 11

Microsoft has addressed a known issue behind unsupported computers being offered Windows 11 22H2 upgrades and unable to complete the installation process.

The issue was detected by Redmond’s engineering team on Thursday, February 23, and was resolved the same day, with the fix being pushed to impacted devices over the weekend.

This has happened before, with Windows 11 22H2 being offered to Windows 11 Insiders in the Release Preview channel with ineligible devices.

On Friday, customers reported on Reddit and Twitter that unsupported devices were once again targeted with Windows 11 upgrades.

“Some hardware ineligible Windows 10 and Windows 11, version 21H2 devices were offered an inaccurate upgrade to Windows 11,” Microsoft explained in a new entry to the Windows 11 Health Dashboard added the same day.

“These ineligible devices did not meet the minimum requirements to run Windows 11. Devices that experienced this issue were not able to complete the upgrade installation process.”

Impacted devices include those running Windows 11 21H2, Windows 10 21H2, and Windows 10 20H2.

​Fix rolled out to affected PCs over the weekend

The issue has now been addressed, and Redmond said the fix would likely propagate to most affected users within the next 48 hours.

In January, Microsoft announced that it had started a forced rollout of Windows 11 22H2 (aka Windows 11 2022 Update) to systems running Windows 11 21H2, approaching their end-of-support (EOS) date on October 10, 2023.

This automated feature update rollout phase came after the Windows 11 2022 update also became available for broad deployment the same day to users with eligible devices via Windows Update.

More recently, the company revealed that it’s working to fix an issue causing some WSUS servers upgraded to Windows Server 2022 to fail to push February 2023 Windows 11 22H2 updates to endpoints across enterprise environments.

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