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Offensive OSINT s04e01 – Drugs, firearms, exotic pets, fake documents and other scams part 1

Table of Contents

In this episode we dive deep into complex investigation about different kind of scams in clearnet. As title suggest, it involves not so legal services advertised on old, almost unused message board.


We will write code to scrape links to fake shops, run WHOIS against it, extract info (email, phone numbers, names), make a Maltego graph and look for connections to use it in next part of the research.

Maltego mentioned my blog in category “7 OSINT Websites & Blogs You Must Know“, so as a thanks, we will use Maltego to show initial connections between the websites.

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Old message boards/forums, especially ones without proper security measures, are perfect target for spammers. You often see spam comments on obsolete websites mostly due to poor security like lack of Captcha. This time, we will focus on one discussion board – is another free message board and was created around 2000. As with this type of services often happens, it’s not updated since at least 2016. Even in 2001, forum was full of spam in each board, you can check it in Wayback Machine. Below is an example from one board that contains scams about earning easy money.

Yes, you can find some legit discussion there, but it’s a really small percentage what’s really going on. It’s also a place for sharing different kind of fetishes, I didn’t even know some of them exist. If you want to check it out, you can just use “” google dork.

Voy is a service managed by Voyager Info-Systems from Beverly Hills, CA, address from the website points to Mailbox Rental Services, but their website looks amazing though.

CEO of Voyager Info-Systems is Rudi Sahebi (probably Iranian), and some clues lead also to company Sunny Oasis –

We won’t dig into the company but rather the content that is being posted everyday to their message board.

Gathering data

As mentioned, Voy is full of posts offering drugs, firearms, exotic pets and prescription free pharmacies. Couple clicks on the website and looking on boards might give you below view. It looks normal on first sight

but each forum contain spam topics

When we open some post, it contains shit loads of links to the shops. In below case it’s for firearms, driving licences, exams and exotic parrots.

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