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Bank of America starts restoring missing Zelle transactions

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Bank of America has started to restore missing Zelle transactions that suddenly disappeared from customers’ bank accounts this morning, causing some to dip into negative balances.

The outage began at approximately 7 AM ET today, with BoA customers suddenly finding their account balances had decreased after recent Zelle transactions disappeared.

This led to reports on DownDetectorReddit, and Twitter from hundreds of customers missing their Zelle transactions.

Reported outages at Bank of America on DownDetector
Reported outages at Bank of America on DownDetector
Source: DownDetector

Soon after, Bank of America posted pushed an alert through their banking app warning customers that they were working on restoring the missing Zelle transactions.

“Zelle transactions made between January 14 and January 17 may be delayed in occurring and posting to accounts as requested,” the BoA banking alert reads

“Transfers will be completed and will appear in your account activity and balances as soon as possible. We apologize for any delay or inconvenience.”

Alert sent to BoA customers through the banking app
Alert sent to BoA customers through the banking app
Source: Twitter

Bank of America customers have been angrily voicing their concerns about the missing transactions, with some reporting that it caused them to dip into negative balances. 

“Yeah I’m negative right now, all transfers from this week are gone. Haven’t been able to get through to customer service all morning. This might be the final straw with BofA, I’ll be switching banks,” an angry BoA customer posted to Reddit.

“Help this issue with zelle is extremely frustrating, especially since you’ve said nothing formally about what’s going on. What do I do with this negative balance? How should I pay my bills due today? Get gas? Anything ??,” another BoA customer commented on Twitter.

Customers have said that Bank of America has started to restore some of the missing transactions.

However, the restoration of Zelle transactions is rolling out slowly, with users stating that they have seen some missing transactions restored but not all of them.

BleepingComputer contacted Bank of America with questions about the outage but has yet to receive a reply.

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