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Whitepaper: How Maltego Helps Accelerate The Investigation of Insider Threat Alerts Provided by User Behavior Analysis (UBA) Systems

Table of Contents

Insider Threats Comes in Various Packages 🔗︎

Most people do not realize that insider threats come in all sorts of packages. The news on the most relevant cases have narrowed the definition of insider threats to a malicious employee attempting to make money by intentionally harming the organization they work for. However, there are also insider threats unintentionally caused by careless, negligent, or compromised employees and contractors, personal integrity, or commitment to the organization notwithstanding. In fact, according to the 2020 report by the Ponemon Institute, this last group represents the most incidents with an average cost of $307K, and a total cost of $4.58 million per organization.

The volume of user data that needs to be tracked inside a company is staggering, which makes the labor of Insider Threat Analysts extremely complicated. Tools specializing in the analysis of users’ behavioral deviations—personal or in comparison to its peer groups—to indicate possible fraudulent or malicious activity are a key part of fighting insider threats. These tools are known as User Behavior Analytics (UBA).

Whitepaper: Accelerate Insider Threat Alert Investigations by Integrating User Behavior Analytics with Maltego 🔗︎

In this whitepaper, we take User Behavior Analytics (UBA) tool developed by Splunk as an example to show the advantages and limitations of UBA tools, as well as how organizations can overcome these limitations and speed up insider threat alert investigations by integrating these UBA tools into Maltego.

Download the whitepaper using the form below to learn more about how you can better protect your organizations from all sorts of insider threats.

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