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Tool To Read Website Status Code Response From The Lists

Table of Contents

scscanner is tool to read website status code response from the lists. This tool have ability to filter only spesific status code, and save the result to a file.


  • Slight dependency. This tool only need curl to be installed
  • Multi-processing. Scanning will be more faster with multi-processing
  • Filter status code. If you want only spesific status code (ex: 200) from the list, this tool will help you


└─$ bash

scscanner - Massive Status Code Scanner
Codename : EVA02

Example: bash -l domain.txt -t 30
-l Files contain lists of domain.
-t Adjust multi process. Default is 15
-f Filter status code.
-o Save to file.
-h Print this Help.

Adjust multi-process

bash -l domain.txt -t 30

Using status code filter

bash -l domain.txt -f 200

Using status code filter and save to file.

bash -l domain.txt -f 200 -o result.txt


Feel free to contribute if you want to improve this tools.

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