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Tool That Help You On Your IR & Threat Hunting And CA

Table of Contents

This tool will help you on your IR & Threat Hunting & CA. just drop your event log file and anlayze the results.

$ ThreatHound.exe -s ..\sigma_rules\ -p C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\ -print no
  • A dedicated backend to support Sigma rules for python
  • A dedicated backend for parsing evtx for python
  • A dedicated backend to match between evtx and the Sigma rules
  • Automation for Threat hunting, Compromise Assessment, and Incident Response for the Windows Event Logs
  • Downloading and updating the Sigma rules daily from the source
  • More then 50 detection rules included
  • support for more then 1500 detection rules for Sigma
  • Support for new sigma rules dynamically and adding it to the detection rules
  • Saving of all the outputs in JSON format
  • Easily add any detection rules you prefer
  • you can add new event log source type in easily
  • Support for Sigma rules dedicated for DNS query
  • Modifying the speed of algorithm dedicated for the detection and making it faster
  • Adding JSON output that supports Splunk
  • More features
$ git clone
$ cd ThreatHound
$ pip install - r requirements.txt
$ pyhton3
  • Note: glob doesn’t support get path of the directory if it has spaces on folder names, please ensure the path of the tool is without spaces (folders names)

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