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Recorded Future Solution in Maltego

Table of Contents

This document provides an overview of how the Recorded Future Transforms for Maltego enables security teams to automatically connect the dots between related entities by discovering and validating known threat indicators in the vast expanse of the open, deep, and dark web. With the Recorded Future data integration in Maltego, investigators can identify 22% more security threats before impact and improve security team efficiency by 32%.

How Recorded Future Benefits Investigators and Analysts 🔗︎

Using sophisticated combination of patented and expert human analysis, Recorded Future fuses an unrivaled set of open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research to deliver relevant threat insights in real time. Recorded Future’s out-of-the-box Transforms for Maltego provide real-time context on IP addresses, domains, hashes, malware, and vulnerabilities. With access to Recorded Future risk scores, risk rules, Insikt Group Analyst Notes, and more, analysts can easily connect the dots in their investigations and effectively prioritize remediation efforts—all from within Maltego.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use Recorded Future Transforms in Maltego.

Recorded Future data is available for all Maltego commercial users with a Recorded Future API. For more information about access to the Recorded Future data integration in Maltego, please check out our Hub page here.

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