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Read all about it: Introducing our new newsletter, Daily Swig Deserialized

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Want to get the latest web security news straight to your inbox? Now you can, with the upcoming launch of The Daily Swig’s first ever newsletter.

We’re pleased to announce that Daily Swig Deserialized, a fortnightly roundup of the essential news from across the web security industry, will debut next month.

You may have already read our Deserialized web security roundup, a bimonthly collection of the latest threats, tools, and industry news from across the web security sphere.

Launching on March 2, the Daily Swig Deserialized newsletter will offer readers a condensed version of our top stories plus extra subscriber-only content.

Sign up to Daily Swig Deserialized here

As a subscriber, you’ll be the first to access advice and insight from some of the world’s best hackers – every month, we’ll release a Q&A with a top security researcher via our newsletter, with a longer interview to follow on the website.

Gareth Heyes, security researcher at PortSwigger*, will kick off our first edition by sharing his invaluable advice on how he became a hacker, what tools he relies on to do his job, and his favourite ever web vulnerability discovery.

Subscribe to our newsletter ahead of its launch on March 2 to make sure you don’t miss out.

*PortSwigger is the parent company of The Daily Swig

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