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Piiano Equips Developers to Stop Sensitive Data Breaches

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Piiano, a data protection company co-founded by celebrated
security experts Gil Dabah, CEO and Ariel Shiftan, CTO, today announced
the release of the Piiano Vault, a secure database for enterprises to
safely store and use sensitive personal data
and comply with evolving privacy regulations. Basic functionality is
now available for free. Deployed directly in an enterprise’s own cloud
environment, the Vault provides complete control over critical customer
data and was designed to be the most secure
database on the market.

Enterprises that collect sensitive data face mounting pressure to
protect it and maintain customer privacy in the wake of high-profile
data leaks and broadening regulations.

Gartner findings
demonstrate intensifying budgetary spending
across data privacy and security by 14.2% and 16.9%, respectively.
According to a survey conducted by Piiano on privacy best practices, 80%
of companies now attempt to treat sensitive data
differently, with 45% highly prioritizing Personal Identifiable
Information (PII) protection.

However, operationalizing such practices at scale requires the
involvement of developers tasked with embedding security into the very
frameworks of their enterprise environments. This is an enormous
undertaking, and many developers find themselves scrambling
to retrofit privacy and security into existing environments and
workflows. In most cases, such a feat requires companies to embark on a
years-long, expensive development project even as the underlying risk
grows and becomes a moving target. By contrast, Piiano
intends to significantly accelerate such transformations and deliver
unprecedented ROI on related initiatives.

As enterprise R&D outpaces security efforts, the safety and
protection of customer data remains disorganized and consequently highly
vulnerable to potential breaches. Piiano’s solution is based on
embedding security and de-identifying data as part of product
development. The company’s approach starts by isolating customer
secrets and similar types of sensitive data in a separate, zero-trust
vault. It is a best practice already exercised by large companies like
Google, Netflix, USAA and JPMC. Both Dabah and Shiftan
assert that keeping sensitive data separate and untouchable can all but
nullify the true privacy risk.

“By centralizing sensitive data into one place with Piiano,
developers can easily integrate with existing building blocks like
field-level encryption, tokenization, masking, data retention and
granular access control. Even more exciting are the major breakthroughs
we’ve made in providing capabilities to search through encrypted data,”
says Shiftan. “In this way, the Piiano Vault simplifies regulatory
compliance by providing developers with out-of-the-box support for
staples of GDPR and CCPA requirements, such as data
subject access rights, consent, retention, minimization, traceability
and more.”

In praise of Piiano’s approach, author of “Data Privacy: A Runbook
for Engineers” and Piiano board advisor Nishant Bhajaria said, “Gil and
Ariel’s groundbreaking technology has the potential to be an incredible
service to enterprises in an age where the
sale of stolen sensitive customer data has become so widespread and
lucrative. I commend them for helping companies seamlessly incorporate
privacy into day-to-day operations.”

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About Piiano

provides developer infrastructure to protect customer secrets and
ensure their privacy — even in the event of a breach. Safely
use and store sensitive data in our Vault and leverage our Scanner to
quickly identify PII usages across source code for full visibility into
your privacy issues. With Piiano’s building blocks, engineers and
security leaders can save time, effort and resources
while achieving secure and compliant applications.

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