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perform half-duplex shutdown upon EOF

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From: James Stanley <james () incoherency co uk>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2022 20:32:39 +0100

I have submitted a pull request on github:

The summary is:

Previously, |netexec()| would cease all communication as soon as it read EOF
from either the child proces *or* the remote side. This meant (for example)

when the other end of the TCP socket calls |shutdown(fd, SHUT_WR)|, the
process doesn't get a chance to send any more response, drain its
buffers, etc.

The new behaviour is to propagate EOF onwards from the child process to the

remote, and vice versa, and keep a flag variable for each side to say

we still want to be reading from that side.


With the new version, if you do something like:

|server$ ncat -l 10000 -e /bin/cat client$ ncat localhost 10000 <file1
>file2 |

Then it will now do what you expect: copy |file1| to |file2|. Previously
ncat would stop reading from |/bin/cat| as soon as it got the
half-duplex shutdown from the remote side, which means unless |cat|'s
buffer is empty at the time ncat receives the shutdown, |file2| ends up
shorter than |file1| because of the data stuck inside |cat| that never
got transmitted over the network. Hope that makes sense.


James Stanley
Sent through the dev mailing list
Archived at

Current thread:

  • ncat: perform half-duplex shutdown upon EOF James Stanley (Sep 12)

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