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Nmap Development: Zenmap wrong ptr

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From: Scott Mayoral <mayoral2020 () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 09:51:15 -0800


While using zenmap (Mac OS) and ran a number of scans on the ip (my client's server which I manage) and 
the ptr returned is <>  When I run a dig -x on the terminal, the correct ptr 
appears ( <>), same correct results from nmap proper on 
my PC, as well as on the PC command line. crosbydoe . com is a url on our server, but there is nothing in our server or 
host or registrar about "cr1osby..." I've changed my mac's dns servers and flushed the cache and restarted, same error 

This seems to be a bug specific to Zenmap? 

Curious to your thoughts, 

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