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Maltego for Enterprises: Services and Solutions for Our Enterprise Customers

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When you are moving quickly, it is sometimes easy to forget how far you have come. Certainly, a lot has changed for us at Maltego during the past two years: Born in and for the investigative community, Maltego has empowered over a million investigators, analysts, journalists and experts around the world to protect their organizations, fight crime, gain security insights and perform data-driven investigations. As of today, Maltego is trusted by cybersecurity experts, law enforcement, trust and safety teams and more. 22 of the Dow 30 companies rely on Maltego for faster and more comprehensive investigations.

The Maltego Solution for Enterprises 🔗︎

With our growing user base and the evolving needs of investigator teams in larger organizations, we have evolved our product to better address your needs. With features to seamlessly integrate all your data sources into a single interface, help you comply with privacy regulations, enhance the security of user management capabilities, improve collaboration between distributed teams and support your organization throughout your journey with us through the provision of better support and learning opportunities.

The Five Offerings of Maltego Solution for Enterprises

Learn more about the Maltego For Enterprises solutions here.

Collaboration and Customization 🔗︎

Our Maltego Desktop Client serves the collaboration and reporting needs of organizations through features such as automatic report generation, live graph sharing, annotations, exports and live chat, both on-premise and in the cloud. Also, Maltego can be fully customized to your context and investigation through Entity, Transform and Property design. Maltego Machines help you and your team to automate repetitive tasks and standardize playbooks across the entire organization.

More Data at your Fingertips 🔗︎

In addition to enhanced navigability of the growing number of data sources in our Transform Hub, we are also supporting integrations with enterprise services like Splunk and ServiceNow for our enterprise customers. With more than 40 integrations from over 35 data partners, you can pivot through all your favorite data sources directly in Maltego. Access comes either for free or via our data partners’ API. If you do not have access to a data source yet, simply reach out.

Speed, Performance and Security 🔗︎

In addition to our Cloud offering, enterprise customers have the option to host Maltego’s Standard Transforms and Collaboration capabilities completely on-premise. You have the option to use your own API keys for unlimited access and can expand our out-of-the-box data sources with on-premise data integrations.

For our enterprise on-premise users, we provide OAuth 2.0 support, the industry standard protocol for authorization, to authenticate users. This allows your users to securely connect to your own data sources and gives you the peace of mind that Transform users have been properly authenticated and access can be assigned based on their roles (RBAC).

Continuous Services and Learning 🔗︎

We strive to provide you with the best customized service and resources to guide you from your first steps to becoming an advanced Maltego user. This is why all our comprehensive in-person training is fully tailored to the needs of the teams trained. We deliver training both remote and on-premise. This way, if you are a new customer, you can quickly become acquainted with all of Maltego’s functionalities to help you and your team to be precise and accelerate all your investigations.

Our dedicated customer success engineers will ensure that your onboarding and on-premise deployment is frictionless. We also provide solution services for your specific integration needs and consulting for more complex data integration projects. Ideally, we ensure that your analysts and investigators are fully equipped with the necessary skills and tools to write integrations themselves.

For enterprise customers, we provide tailored support plans with our enterprise-grade SLAs to ensure uptime and high availability and to resolve any issues that may occur. We appoint a dedicated customer success expert and key account manager to every enterprise account to directly assist with issues or questions.

What Our Customers Are Saying 🔗︎

Keith Gilbert, Malformity Labs, says:

“A great strength of Maltego is the ease of gaining insights from multiple, disparate data sets. In the past couple of years, Maltego has been increasingly developed towards a relevant market place for data and I am excited to see how this will evolve in the future.”

Robert McArdle, Trend Micro, says:

“Maltego is the first tool I’d install on any researchers laptop, and the first I open any time I’m starting a new investigation. From the ability to access many different data sources through one tool, to the advanced visualisations, its an absolutely essential part of modern cybercrime research”

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