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Introducing Maltego Data Subscriptions: A New Option to Simplify Data Access for Maltego Customers

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Available in the Maltego web-shop today, Maltego data subscriptions for Pipl data offer an efficient and flexible way to enhance your person-of-interest investigations in Maltego.

At Maltego we strive to make it easier for investigators to access all types of data in a single interface. Today, we are proud to introduce a new flexible way to access data: Through data subscriptions!

What is a Maltego Data Subscriptions? 🔗︎

Maltego data subscriptions are a subscription-based model that allows investigators to purchase access to third-party data directly in the Maltego web-shop. The advantages of this model are that it allows users the flexibility of paying for data according to usage requirements, with multiple options for subscription duration and data quotas. For example, a user can purchase monthly or annual subscriptions. When you purchase a data subscription, you receive access to the corresponding hub item and can start running Transforms right away without separately obtaining or entering an API key. Last but not least, data subscriptions simplify the purchase process for users by unifying the source of access for both Maltego and its data integrations!

Explore access and pricing models for different data integrations at any time using the filter option within the Maltego Desktop Client. As we continue to expand the range of data integrations available in the Transform Hub, we aim to make accessing this data as easy and customizable for our investigators as possible.

A Bundle of Benefits 🔗︎

Starting today, customers who are interested in utilizing Pipl data can head over to our webshop and purchase a data subscription starting at 49 USD! Please note that every purchase is subject to a vetting process according to the terms of use of Pipl’s products. Access is generally reserved for professional investigators with legitimate use-cases, who are commonly associated with an organization.

To learn more about how to use and leverage Pipl data, check out our blog post.

What Other Options of Data Access are Available? 🔗︎

In summary, there are now five options to access data via the Transform Hub:

1. Free 🔗︎

Data sources that are freely available like the Maltego Standard Transforms, Wayback Machine, MITRE ATT&CK, and more, are ready to install and go.

2. Free Trial 🔗︎

Free trials are offered by certain commercial data partners like Farsight, TinEye, and IPinfo, etc. Data can be tried for a limited duration or limited number of queries, as per the discretion of the data partner.

3. Data Subscription– NEW 🔗︎

Data subscriptions are available for purchase in our web-shop on a monthly or annual subscription basis, with multiple data quota options, as per the discretion of the data partner. Please note that data subscriptions can be purchased for specific data integrations available in the Maltego web-shop and cannot be transferred to other data integrations.

4. Paid Connector – NEW 🔗︎

A paid data connector follows a two-step process of getting an API key from the data partner and Hub item access from Maltego. Paid connectors may be reserved for certain subscription plans or purchased separately in addition to Maltego. In some cases, API keys can be provided directly by Maltego. BvD Orbis is the first integration offered via the paid connector model. To get access or learn more, simply reach out to us using the contact form on the Orbis page.

5. Bring Your Own Key 🔗︎

For this option, users can get an API key directly from the data partner, enter it upon Hub item installation, and get started. Rate or response limits may be enforced by the data partner. This is currently the most common access option for commercial integrations on the Transform hub.

Are you a Data Provider? 🔗︎

If you would like to reach new potential audiences by leveraging the large global Maltego user base, become a Maltego data partner and make your data easily accessible to investigators worldwide.

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