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Enumerate Information From Android Apps With Apepe

Table of Contents

Unlocking the Power of Apepe: Enumerate Information From Android Apps

Are you a pentester or red teamer looking to extract crucial information from your target application effortlessly? Look no further than Apepe, the Python tool designed to streamline your information-gathering process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the features, installation, and usage of Apepe, ensuring you can maximize its potential for your next project.Information Gathering, Enumerate Information From Android Apps

Apepe is a Python tool developed to help pen-testers and red teamers easily get information from the target app. This tool will extract basic information as the package name, if the app is signed, and the development language…

Installing / Getting Started

A quick guide on how to install and use Apepe.

1. git clone
2. pip install -r requirements.txt
3. python3 main -f <apk-file.apk>


Before diving into Apepe, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Python Installed: Apepe relies on Python, so ensure it’s installed on your machine.
  • APK File: You’ll need the .apk file from your target mobile app to begin your information-gathering journey.

Unveiling Apepe’s Features

Apepe boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s explore its capabilities:

1. Detect Mobile App Development Language

Apepe’s intuitive algorithms can swiftly identify the development language used in the target mobile app. This insight can be invaluable for tailoring your penetration testing strategies.

2. Information Gathering

Effortlessly gather essential information, including the package name and whether the app is signed. This is the core function of Apepe, simplifying your reconnaissance process.

3. Blazing Speed

Apepe is designed to be exceptionally fast, ensuring you can extract information swiftly and efficiently without unnecessary delays.

4. Resource-Efficient

With low RAM and CPU usage, Apepe won’t bog down your system’s performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – analyzing the gathered data.

5. Powered by Python

Built using Python, Apepe benefits from the versatility and robustness of this programming language, making it a dependable choice for your pentesting needs.

Real-Life Example

Let’s take a look at a practical scenario to illustrate Apepe’s utility:

Imagine you’re tasked with analyzing a mobile app for potential vulnerabilities. With Apepe, you can quickly ascertain the app’s development language, extract key information about the app, and proceed with a targeted assessment.

What’s Next on Apepe’s Roadmap

Apepe’s developers are committed to enhancing its capabilities further. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on their to-do list:

  • Support for .ipa Files (iOS): Apepe’s future updates will include compatibility with .ipa files, expanding its scope to iOS applications.
  • Detect Certificate Libraries: Enhance your analysis by identifying the certificate libraries used by the target app, offering deeper insights into its security measures.
  • SSL Pinning Scripts: Look forward to an added argument that returns a list of potential SSL Pinning scripts, aiding your assessment of app security.
  • Common Vulnerabilities Check: Apepe’s developers are exploring options to incorporate checks for common vulnerabilities, further empowering your testing efforts.


A quick guide on how to contribute to the project.

1. Create a fork from Apepe repository
2. Download the project with git clone
3. cd Apepe/
4. Make your changes
5. Commit and make a git push
6. Open a pull request


It’s crucial to note that the developer of Apepe disclaims any responsibility for any malicious use of this tool. Always use Apepe responsibly and adhere to ethical hacking practices.

In conclusion, Apepe stands as a valuable asset for pen testers and red teamers seeking efficient information gathering in their assessments. With its user-friendly installation process and powerful features, Apepe empowers you to uncover insights into your target mobile apps. Remember to use it responsibly and contribute to its development to make it even more robust and effective. Happy pen testing!

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