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Ensure Trust & Safety in Your Organization with Maltego Solution

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Whether it is technology or e-commerce, financial services or healthcare, industries are facing increasing cyber concerns for insider threats, fraud, abuse, and other malicious activities that harm the integrity as well as products of an organization. Used by several multi-national organizations and enterprises, Maltego plays an integral role in supporting the day-to-day operations of trust and safety teams.

Optimizing Trust & Safety Workflows with Maltego 🔗︎

Maltego helps trust and safety teams to monitor, analyze, remediate, and prevent threats and abuse by filtering through thousands of alerts from User Behavior Analytics (UBA) tools, conducting investigations to pinpoint the cause and outcome of an incident, or implementing due diligence processes. Once automated detections from UBA tools or user reporting platforms are escalated, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive investigations to determine the source, structure, scope and motivation of abuse or user-generated content that is in violation of corporate policies.

With Maltego, trust and safety teams can significantly simplify alert investigations, improve analysis time and resolution rates, and feed insights into internal systems—all with immense supplementary data for extensive contextualization and all-in-one interface.

Maltego can be integrated into Trust & Safety investigation workflow

Learn more about how Maltego streamlines trust and safety workflow here.

Typical Trust & Safety Investigations with Maltego 🔗︎

Integrated with a vast range of OSINT data sources as well as over 35 third-party data integrations, Maltego provides trust and safety teams the capability to include internal logs and history when mapping out malicious user profiles, tracing illicit activities in deep and dark web, and uncovering hidden network structures.

For example, e-commerce or retail companies can tackle insider threats by tracing stolen products through criminal networks or online marketplaces. With deep and dark web data integrations, investigators can dive deeper into monitoring and uncovering counterfeits, the sales of breached data, or other mentions of the company’s assets or personnel in suspicious context.

Furthermore, Maltego helps fraud and abuse investigators identify the sources and spreads of phishing and spamming activities, fake news or misinformation campaigns throughout different websites, and even distribution of graphic and memetic content.

Read more about these use cases in our blog or schedule a demo with our experts to discuss your needs and learn more about Maltego’s solutions

Speed Up Investigations and Track Precise Evidences with Maltego 🔗︎

Internal and External Data All in One Place 🔗︎

Maltego provides users the flexibility to mine, merge, and map all types of data into a visual graph in one interface. This includes UBA tools, customer relationship and case management systems, as well as other internal databases.

Through our Transform Hub, investigators can easily leverage OSINT and specialized data for social media analysis, passive DNS data, blockchain and more with commercial Hub items such as Pipl, ShadowDragon, SocialLinks, ZeroFOX, CipherTrace, and Orbis to contextualize alerts and pin down malicious actors.

Data integrations in Maltego for Trust & Safety teams

If you are interested in integrating your case and evidence management systems, or digital forensics data, we offer the following data integration services:

  • Use case discovery
  • Transform design and writing
  • Transform deployment, hosting and maintenance

Automatable Investigation Workflow and Visual Analysis 🔗︎

With link analysis tools like Maltego, investigators can switch between different layouts and view options to organize and analyze clusters of data in a graphical presentation. With the relationships between multiple data points mapped out, analysts can quickly identify and understand the network of key players, scale of threats as well as the traces of activities.

Users can also set up Maltego Machines to run repetitive, standardized steps at a click of the button to significantly decrease the length of investigation and help investigators dive in from a ready-made map of data and leads.

Using Maltego Machine to automate level 1 network footprint, running a series of necessary Transforms at a click on the mouse.

For instance, read about the use of Maltego Machines to greatly simplify counterfeit analysis for brand protection.

Enhance Team Collaboration and Case Management 🔗︎

Through features such as live graph sharing, chat windows, bookmarks and annotations, you can easily collaborate and communicate insights across teams, departments, and with management.

By integrating internal CRM and case management systems, the trust and safety team can feed findings into the organization’s database and structurally improve detection rules and policies to reduce opportunities for malicious insiders to operate within the network unnoticed.

Keep Your Organization from Insider Threats and Abuse with Maltego 🔗︎

We would love to discuss how we can further help you in your fight against insider threats, fraud, and abuse. To stay up to date with interesting use cases, product updates and Maltego events, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn or subscribe to our email newsletter.

If you would like to learn more about how Maltego extends your cyber intelligence and investigation capabilities, schedule a demo and discuss your needs with our experts.

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