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Cybersixgill Solution in Maltego – Maltego

Table of Contents

This document provides an overview of how the Cybersixgill data integration for Maltego helps investigators catch threats before they become incidents with exclusive access to underground sources as well as malicious Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) based on the most comprehensive, automated collection from the deep, dark, and surface web.

How Cybersixgill Benefits Cyber Threat Investigators 🔗︎

Cybersixgill is a fully automated threat intelligence solution that helps organizations protect their critical assets, reduce fraud and data breaches, protect their brand, and minimize attack surface. It delivers contextual threat intelligence in real-time that is highly accurate, comprehensive, and covert.

Cybersixgill’s Maltego integration helps threat intelligence teams, SOC teams, and security analysts tap into an unparalleled collection of deep & dark web intelligence, accelerate their workflows, and obtain a visual understanding of the threat landscape as well as gaining actionable insights.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use Cybersixgill Transforms in Maltego.

Cybersixgill data is available for Maltego commercial users through a flexible subscription of the Cybersixgill data subscriptions. Maltego Enterprise users can also access Cybersixgill via the Enterprise Data Allowance. For the full solution access, bring your own Cybersixgill API key or reach out to Maltego for purchase inquiry! For more information, please check out our Hub page here.

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