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CipherTrace Solution in Maltego – Maltego

Table of Contents

This document provides an overview of how the CipherTrace Transforms for Maltego enables investigators and organizations to leverage advanced cryptocurrency intelligence. With the CipherTrace data integration in Maltego, investigators can combine millions of attribution data points to identify thousands of entities on the blockchain and trace the flow of funds using Maltego.

How CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Intelligence Benefits Investigators and Analysts 🔗︎

CipherTrace’s cryptocurrency intelligence provides owerful and easy-to-use cryptocurrency tracing for investigators and researchers. The CipherTrace Maltego Transforms support the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. With CipherTrace Transforms in Maltego, Investigators can trace transactions and de-anonymize entities on the blockchain to obtain solid evidence on individuals who use cryptocurrency for money laundering, terrorism financing, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, extortion, ransomware payments, and other crimes.

Download this PDF solution brief and read more about how investigators use CipherTrace Transforms in Maltego.

CipherTrace data can be directly used within Maltego by purchasing a CipherTrace Maltego Data Subscription. Choose from a small, medium, large subscription packages based on usage and requirements. Learn more about CipherTrace data subscriptions here.

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