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Call For Papers 2023 (Helsinki, Finland)

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From: Tomi Tuominen via Fulldisclosure <fulldisclosure () seclists org>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2023 10:17:52 +0200

Call For Papers 2023

Tired of your bosses suspecting conference trips to exotic locations being just a ploy to partake in Security Vacation 
Club? Prove them wrong by coming to Helsinki, Finland on May 4-5 2023! Guaranteed lack of sunburn, good potential for 
rain or slush. In case of great spring weather, though, no money back.

CFP and registration both open. Read further if still unsure.

Maui, Miami, Las Vegas, Tel Aviv or Wellington feel so much sunnier once you’ve experienced the lack of infinity pools 
in Northern Europe. Instead of pools and palms trees, we can offer you actual saunas and a high tech environment, which 
is a weird combination of demoscene, widespread Linux adoption, mobile Internet with uncapped flat rate data and a long 
history of IRC and imageboards.

What defines a conference? For t2 it has always been that intimate welcoming atmosphere of a small event, which makes 
both audience and speakers approachable. There are enough regulars to create the feeling of a community, but not too 
many that a first-comer would feel being left out. On the content side, we have always been and always will be a 
technical security conference, emphasizing the cutting edge, world class research. This is an event for the community. 
Our focus[1] is on technical excellence, not politics or player hating.

t2’23 offers you an audience with a taste for technical security presentations containing original content. This is 
your chance to showcase the latest research and lessons in EDR simulation and healthcheck spoofing, hardware 
insecurity, inferring information from interference, cloud-scale forensics or persistance automation, new vulnerability 
classes, AI exploitation, virtual machines inside parsers, elegant exploitation of old vulnerability classes, modern 
defense, dropping zero days during presentations, state of the art memory corruption mitigation bypasses, evasions, 
safe cracking, satellite and space security, remote vehicle access, or whatever research lights up the eyes of seasoned 
conference visitors. For the hackers by the hackers.

The advisory board will be reviewing submissions until 2023-03-17. Slide deck submission final deadline 2023-04-20 for 
accepted talks.

First come, first served. Submissions will not be returned.

Quick facts for speakers
+ presentation length 60-120 minutes, in English
+ complimentary travel and accommodation for one person[6]
+ decent speaker hospitality benefits
+ no marketing or product propaganda

Still not sure if this is for you? Check out the blast from the past[2].

The total amount of attendees, including speakers and organizers is limited to 99. Advisory Board recognize[3] the OG 
Finnish sauna culture is an acquired taste and can promise the lack of sweaty, partially or fully nude sauna-goers at 
all conference functions.

[0] hunter2
[6] except literally @nudehaberdasher and @0xcharlie

How to submit
Fill out the form at

How to register
Buy your ticket at


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