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ARMO Integrates ChatGPT to Help Users Secure Kubernetes

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ARMO, creator of open-source Kubernetes security platform Kubescape, announced today that it has integrated ChatGPT’s generative AI into ARMO Platform. With ARMO Custom Controls powered by ChatGPT, users can quickly build custom controls based on Open Policy Agent (OPA) to solve their unique security needs. They can then run them to ensure their Kubernetes clusters and CI/CD pipelines are secure, correctly configured and compliant with security policies.

Open Policy Agent (OPA) provides a standard for security policies, which can be constructed using the Rego declarative language. However, Rego is not a widely known language and using it can be complicated and confusing.

ARMO Custom Controls pre-trains ChatGPT with security and compliance Regos and additional context, utilizing and harnessing the power of AI to produce custom made controls requested via natural language. The user gets the completed OPA rule produced by ChatGPT, as well as a natural language description of the rule and a suggested remediation to fix the failed control — quickly, simply and with no need to learn a new language.

Users can then run the new AI-generated control locally to use it live, and will soon be able to save and run it as an ARMO Platform custom control. Custom controls can also be submitted as pull requests to Kubescape’s public regolibrary, contributing them to the community so that all Kubescape users can benefit from them.

“We realized that Kubernetes custom controls are a perfect use-case for generative AI,” said Shauli Rozen, co-founder and CEO of ARMO. “By giving ChatGPT some important background and context first, ARMO Platform users can harness it to create custom controls and policies in seconds, complete with descriptions and suggested remediations. Users can focus on securing their Kubernetes environments and not on learning new code languages and tools. We look forward to building on new technology like ChatGPT as part of ARMO’s mission to make Kubernetes security simple, easy and transparent.”

To try ARMO Custom Controls powered by chatGPT, sign up to ARMO Platform for free.

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About ARMO

ARMO, the creator of Kubescape, is on a mission to create an end-to-end Kubernetes security platform, powered by open source. We cover all Kubernetes security issues without adding to engineers’ burden. Our products enforce organizational security and compliance policies without slowing down the business.

ARMO focuses solely on open source based CI/CD & Kubernetes security, allowing organizations to be fully compliant and secure from code to production. Our solution makes security simple and frictionless for DevOps and is embraced by security.

ARMO Platform is the enterprise solution based on Kubescape. It’s a multi-cloud Kubernetes and CI/CD security single pane of glass. Features include: risk analysis, security compliance, misconfiguration and image vulnerability scanning, RBAC visualization.

Kubescape is an open-source Kubernetes security platform. It includes risk analysis, security compliance, and misconfiguration scanning. Targeted at the DevSecOps practitioner or platform engineer, it offers an easy-to-use CLI interface, flexible output formats, and automated scanning capabilities. It saves Kubernetes users and admins precious time, effort, and resources.

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