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A Look Back at 2020

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As 2020 draws to a close, it is time to reflect as well as recharge for the upcoming year. This year has been an unprecedented one in many ways, as we have grappled with a worldwide pandemic and its many economic and social side effects. At Maltego, we are fortunate to have come out stronger, not just in numbers but also in spirit.

As COVID-19 caught us all rather unprepared, we wanted to do our bit too. We provided free commercial Maltego licenses to support investigators who urgently needed Maltego to fight scammers, misinformation & cyber-attacks. We were overwhelmed and truly inspired by the amazing and tireless investigative work that the community undertook to combat challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our own subject matter experts published strategies in which Maltego could be used to effectively fight these challenges, e.g. for tracing the chain of COVID-19 infection spread through social media analysis, or for uncovering phishing domains by analyzing domain infrastructure and for mapping suppliers of personal protection equipment.

Setting the Course for Growth 🔗︎

Over the past two years, the Maltego Technologies team has set up and built up operations out of Munich, Germany. During this time, Maltego has grown significantly in both new capabilities and customer usage. We assembled a great team of experts, as well as dedicated teams for customer success, data integrations, technical operations, etc., who devote themselves to helping investigators safeguard their organizations and communities. We work hard every day to improve Maltego for the investigative community whom we seek to empower with new content, data integrations and capabilities, and we do so through our improved service and learning opportunities, new data integrations, and our dedicated channels such as our blog, webinars, online community events, and more.

New Plans for Professionals and Enterprises 🔗︎

The direct interaction with our user community from around the globe has led us to gain a greater understanding of the needs of our Community, Professional and Enterprise customers. As a result, we have introduced new plans to assist our professional users to make the most of their time by simplifying data access, learning, as well as the product selection and purchase process, which you can read about here.

Bigger and Better Data Integrations 🔗︎

Recognizing the value of data integration to our users, our team continues its work to ensure and enhance the variety, quality and accessibility of the Maltego Transform Hub. We have added 11 new data integrations, updated 3 Hub items with powerful Transforms, and launched data subscriptions for Pipl, and CipherTrace.

New and Improved Learning Experience 🔗︎

On our Maltego Learning & Training page, you will discover all our training and educational resources in one place. These include our technical documentation, tutorial video series, as well as our newly-introduced on-demand courses and in-person training—both remote and on-premise.

We would like to take this moment to share some key developments and figures from the past year.

2020 Year in Review at Maltego 🔗︎

Maltego in 2020 Review Infographic

Download this infographic here to share with your friends, family, and colleagues!

Thank You for Supporting Maltego in 2020! 🔗︎

We will regularly publish new use cases and tutorials and update our documentation to ensure that you have all the information at hand to unleash the full power of Maltego.

In 2020, We Published More Than 83 Tutorials, Articles, and Learning Resources 🔗︎

In 2020, we published more than 83 content pieces at Maltego—articles, tutorials, whitepapers, videos, webinars—covering topics ranging from cybersecurity and person-of-interest to fraud investigations, in an effort to help our users master the full investigative potential of Maltego and its data integrations.

Check out our top 10 most popular articles, use cases, and tutorials published in our blog in 2020 to see which ones you know and which ones you still need to read!

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