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Whitepaper: How OSINT Integration Boosts Criminal Investigation in the German Police

Table of Contents

In this paper, we will present an overview of the current IT infrastructure of German Federal and State Police agencies and discuss how data enrichment with OSINT can boost the criminal investigations, mainly those originating from cyber- or computer crimes. We will address the main systems used by the German Police, namely the Investigation/Manhunt Systems (“Fahndungssystem” (FS)), the Police Information and Analysis Network (PIAV), the Incident Processing Systems (VBS), and the Case Management Systems (FBS).

Other tools such as digital forensics tools (Cellebrite, Autopsy) and geo-mapping tools (ArcGIS), used at different levels and for different objectives, will not be covered within the scope of this paper. You can read more about how Maltego integration with digital forensic tools accelerate investigations in another lastest whitepaper published by us.

Download the whitepaper using the form below to learn more about how OSINT can yield significant power in assistance of criminal investigations. To understand more about integrating your case management software with Maltego, please download our Integration Brief.

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