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Integration Brief: Integrating Case Management Software with Maltego for Data Enrichment

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Link analysis platforms with data collection capabilities such as Maltego can be integrated into the Law Enforcement IT infrastructure to complement the set of systems, databases and digital forensics tools already in deployment. We present the possibility of integrating Maltego directly with Case Management Systems, where they can be of assistance to a broader set of investigations.

Enrich Law Enforcement Investigations with Maltego and Integrated Case Management 🔗︎

Case Management Systems such as rsCASE by Rola support criminologists in the processing of preliminary investigations by storing data on individuals, objects, traces, and information related to a case. Case Management Systems are also capable of finding relationships between the existing pieces of evidence, but a link analysis tool such as Maltego can be integrated to enrich and further contextualize said data via integrations with OSINT, third party intelligence sources, and internal databases. Furthermore, Maltego can help criminologists enhance their findings with a graphical representation of relationships whereby the observable patterns and clusters will describe the suspected offender’s networks and their activities, thus helping them move
the investigation forward.

Download this detailed PDF brief and read more about enriched functionalities provided by Maltego. You can also download this Whitepaper to learn how data enrichment with OSINT can boost the investigation of criminal investigations, as shown in the use case of the German Police.

If you are interested in learning how you can achieve this custom integration, please reach out to us. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs and support the integration process!

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